Registering Your Company

Full Administrative Management of Your Company

Chitsinho Secretarial offers a full A-Z of services, not just company registration. Our Account Managers specialise in company law and are at your disposal throughout the year:

  • To answer all your general questions

  • To add or remove a company shareholder or director

  • To sign contracts on behalf of the company

  • To change your company’s name

  • To open bank accounts on behalf of the company

  • To produce additional company documentation (Certificate of Incumbency, Certificate of Good Standing, etc.)

  • To dissolve a company

  • To increase or decrease your company share capital

  • To transfer the company from another agent

Immigration services


Before issue of a South African residence visa, you are required to go through several mandatory formal steps. We can guide our clients step-by-step through these immigration formalities. Our specialised team of public relations aim to streamline this process on your behalf, allowing valued clients to focus on their company’s performance. We will also provide you with immigration advice concerning your family and staff if required.

There are two steps to the immigration process. The first is residency; the other is the process of combining that residency with the work permits allowing you to work in the country. The various entities involved are the Naturalization and Residency Departments and the Department of Labour, but The Ministry of Interior is also part of these formalities.

Once a company is formally incorporated in any South African jurisdiction, we may then start the residency visa process. This is quite simple and includes a mandatory medical exam.

Generally, the medical examination takes a maximum of 5 working days. In most cases. this can be expedited with an urgent medical application.Once the residence visa is approved, your passport will receive an authorising stamp. After this, one may obtain an South African Identification Card. Persons wishing to take up employment must apply for a mandatory labor card from the Ministry of Labour. Chitsinho Secretarial dedicated Account Manager is on hand throughout to assist you and speed up the process where possible.Visa Process...

Company Activity


South Africa is one of the world’s biggest international business hubs and a friendly environment for all kinds of start-up businesses. Its commercial interests include real estate, airlines, financial services and, of course, tourism. 
Below is an outline of the major business activities available in the South Africa:


1. Holding License: To hold your assets, properties, shares or other interests in a company name.

2.  Industrial License: South Africa is moving towards renewable energy and reducing our carbon footprint in the environmentally-friendly.

3.  Commercial License: As a business hub, South Africa is a leader in international trade, for example food (such as fruits & vegetables), refined oil trading, automobiles, heavy machinery and general trading with a view to becoming a leading business hub. 

4.  Consultancy License: For qualified professionals it is important to operate as an entity and to offer professional services without restrictions that they might encounter on individual level. South Africa offers a very wide range of professional consultancy activities such as management consultancy, engineering consultancy, educational consultancy, human resources consultancy, investment consultancy, legal consultancy and events management. All may be operated freely in the free zone or on the mainland.

5. Logistics License: South Africa is a regional market leader in logistics and cargo businesses as Durban Ports manages over 30 ports internationally. 

6.  Educational License: Education is a major focus for the South African government.

7. Technology & IT License: South Africa is moving towards artificial intelligence and has created a free zone to serve present and future technology needs

8. Marketing & Media License: The vision of the National Media Council is to make South Africa the region’s media hub and home to the biggest international marketing, media, production, and broadcasting companies.

9.  Tourism: Tourism is one of the leading business sectors.

10. Hospitality & Retail: Hospitality & retail Licenses cover mainly food and beverages, as well as retails shopping 

11. Health and Medical license: South Africa has already attracted some of the biggest and most famous hospitals, clinics and internationally recognized doctors, leading today’s health care sector to a high standard compared to other countries.

12. Freelancer license: Whether you are a musician, artist, photographer or a website developer, South Africa gives you the opportunity to develop and benefit from your talent.

Corporate Banking for Free Zone sectors in South Africa

South Africa is one of the region’s leading business centers which makes a safe, secure, advanced banking system vital.

South Africa has a stable and strong banking sector regulated by the Central Bank.The Central Bank supervises monetary, credit and banking policies and its implementation in accordance with South African rules and regulations. It reinforces the national economy and boost the reliability and stability of the local currency. 

Type of Banking in South Africa:

  • Commercial banking: This leading banking service is dedicated to start-ups and SMEs in South Africa, offering the best and most flexible banking facilities to start a business. 

  • Retail Banking: it is a standard personal banking in which individual customers use the branches of larger commercial banks.This banking system provides wide range of services such as : personal savings and current accounts, auto and personal loans, debit and/or credit cards. The focus of retail banking is on the individual consumer level more than on a corporate level.

  • Investment banking: South African banks offer one of the highest ROI (Return of Investment) rates starting at 3% interest.

Benefits of Banking Within South Africa:

  •  banks provide swift transfer for international markets

  •  banks deal with multi-currency accounts such as (AED, USD, Euro, GBP …etc)

  •  banks provide a friendly online portal system for e-banking transactions

  •  banks provide the facility to obtain credit and debit cards

  •  banks provide cheque books as well as a token device to secure your transactions

  •  banks provide support for letter of credit, bank guarantee, and other commercial banking facilities

  •  banks provide a easy phone banking system and mobile applications for internet banking transactions

  •  banks have an excellent international reputation of security and confidentiality

Process of Opening a Bank Account in South Africa:

Opening a bank account in South Africa is easy, safe and regulated by the Central Bank. Chitsinho's expert team will make a pre-evaluation of your profile and provide a list of potential banks suitable for your requirements. Once the bank is selected, Chitsinho Secretarial will contact the chosen bank and organize a meeting at your nearest branch which you are required to attend personally.


After meeting the bank, providing the documents required and signing all the bank forms, the bank will need about 3 days to process the account opening. Finally, once the account is opened, the bank will provide your banking details and access for you to fund your account and start your business activity.

Documents required for South African company registrations:

Company registration in South Africa is a relatively simple process and does not require complicated documentation, especially when it comes to comparing the process to other countries. However, the documentation required would vary and depend on different factors, namely: the business activity, the shareholder type (individual or company) and the selected location. The exact requirements will be communicated to you upon submission of our proposal, or you may inquire about this aspect through our contact form .

Here are the typical documents requested for forming your company in South Africa:

  • Clear color copy of the passport

  • Proof of residence/Office Address

  • Proof of utility bill/Invoice of purchase


South African Taxation: we are a registered tax practitioner

Visual Identity of Your Company:

The visual identity of your company is crucial for your client relationships. It reflects the image that you want to present to the outside world and therefore it must be considered carefully.

Chitsinho employs a full-time professional graphic designer in order to provide excellent service to our customers.

Your company’s visual identity includes:


  • Your business cards

  • Letter headed paper

  • Company logo delivered in several formats


Your company logo will be designed according to your specifications and based on a theme that you are welcome to provide (depending on the activity of your company) or without any particular theme. The cost of this service is R4 637,90. Advertising Agency..

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