Unlike traditional education, Ecoskills Specialty t is holistic, focusing on the 'complete' person or organisation. The process of skills development enables them to identify the knowledge, skills, experience and behavior necessary to be successful and empowers them to achieve.


In it's personal development form it uses the participant's 'day job' or a specific project as the learning vehicle through which participants are able to identify what they need to know or be able to do to be successful. The focus is on the new knowledge and skills the person/organisation needs to prosper and the values and behaviors it needs to adopt to be successful.

Skills Development empowers people; it frees them from the constraints of traditional thinking and enables them to both develop themselves and optimize the performance of their organisations. 

Consultancy Support for Ecoskills Specialty:

We offer consultancy services to people who want to develop Skills either in order to develop themselves or facilitate the learning of others. We do this through:

  1. Self-development Programmes - If you are currently seeking to develop yourself we offer structured self-development programmes and online coaching support through our network of International specialist facilitators.

  2. Developing Facilitation Skills - If you would like to become a facilitator we can help with on-line training supported by comprehensive training materials and a coaching plan to help you develop your facilitation skills.

  3. Running Your Own Programmes - If you would like to create and run your own personal development or Organisational programmes we can help you to:

  • Design your programme

  • Work through the setting up of the programme

  • Create participant briefing and learning materials and

  • Provide coaching support as needed during the programme.

Sales Management

We design and deliver high quality, tailor made, action learning based Selling Skills programmes which are designed to link back to work place performance. We offer programmes in such areas as:

  1. Sales Team Development

  2. Strategic Selling

  3. Marketing for Survival

  4. Managing the Sales Force

Our Programmes

1. Massage Therapy

2. Auto Mechanics

3. Hair Dressing

4. Photography

5. Hair Dressing

6. Photography

7. Customer Services

8. Sewing 

9. Face Painting

10. Face Painting

11. Fitness Training

12. Construction

13. Plumbing & Electrical

14. Welding & Carpentry

15. Painting & Installations

16. Paving & Tiling

17. House Renovations

18. Waterproofing/ Roofing

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