Specializing in Visas, Permits & Passports  for  Workers, Tranferred workers and Students from all over the world.


Chitsinho Administrations  is the easiest way to get any of your visa, permits, passports in South Africa. Please note: We are not associated with the Department of Home Affairs or The Vfs Global in anyway nor, are we a law firm. We do not provide legal advice. We are a 3rd party service that assists with the application process and cannot guarantee that your application will be approved by the Department of Home Affairs.

Top Reasons To Use Chitsinho Administrations

Step-by-step assistance

Fully dedicated customer care services

Exceptional Multilingual Service

Excellent Service Guaranteed!

Secure, efficient application submission

Secure, efficient application submission

Knowledgeable staff to advice & guide

Affordable Advisory & Consultation fee for only R1250


STEP 1: Hire Chitsinho Administrations Now. 

STEP 2: Schedule an interview

STEP 3: Receive your Visa/Permit/Passport

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