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We assist you in filing your accounts and tax return to CIPC and SARS. We provide the whole package from bookkeeping, trial balance and in to final accounts to ensure that you are compliant. This ensures the Accuracy of the information from each task and we review to see if  you are claiming the allowable expenses.

With our help, small business owners can take time away from their daily book keeping tasks and focus on other business related needs such as business development. Therefore, our services are designed to take care of your business like you would take care of it with full expertise and caution.

Understanding a Limited company formation is important, this is now separate legal entity. In a sole trader business, you are the business and you can use the money in the bank without any restrictions. In a company, this will be taken out as a directors loan, dividend, paye income, and bonuses. The rules and taxes can be complex on the directors loan account. It’s important to employ an accountant at an early stage to avoid pitfalls.

  • The company is a separate legal entity

  • The companies money is not the directors

  • There are filing duties for the director

  • Corporation tax and personal tax is payable

Below are the list of our services:

  1. Small businesses Limited company services (Preparation and filing Accounts and CT600)

  2. Contractor Accounting services

  3. Company incorporation services

  4. Self employed Accounts and Self Assessment Tax return services

  5. Property income tax and capital gains tax

  6. Payroll and pensions auto enrolment services

  7. Vat returns and vat advice

  8. Personal Self Assesment tax return services

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