Chitsinho Holdings is a reputable family-run corporate investment company headquartered in Durban, South Africa. The organization was established in 2016 with a focus on promoting entrepreneurship and providing solutions that make businesses successful.


The organization is the midas home of diverse successful brands, exceptionally managed, instilled with a culture to capitalize, thrive, lead, dominate, sustain and to continuously generate massive streams of income. Our success comes from our aggressive approach, high risk management, full dedication, total customer satisfaction, excellent reputation, service efficiency, trust, integrity and affordability. Our brands are ambitious, powerful, exponential, unrivalled and they leave no stone in the marketplace unturned.


Chitsinho Holdings' privately owned investment portfolio of more than 50 tailored Brands encompasses Digital Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Affinity Marketing, Multi-Media, Call Centres, Information Technology, Data, Messaging, Compliance, Licensing, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Legal, Protection, Advisory, Immigration, Property Sales, Management, Letting, Mobile Services, Equipment Hire, Manufacturing, Delivery Services, Consumer Goods, Beverages, Payment Solutions, Telecommunications, E-Commerce, Branding, Printing, Education Management, Skills Development, Resourcing, Hospitality, Tourism, Travel, Foods, Car dealerships, Shipping, Air Charter, Agriculture & Mining.

Our Vision: is to produce sustainable high continuous stream of revenue and maximum return on investment for our Organization, associates & customers by developing profitable businesses and tangible assets.

Our Mission: Our mission is to create tremendous  generational wealth for our organization, associates & customers.

Our Strategy: To achieve our vision of sustainable high continuous stream of revenue and maximum return on investment for our organization, associates and customers we intend to:

1. Capitalize on our on-demand Services Agencies to become resilient, dominant, reputable, trusted service providers of first preference in Africa.

2. Capitalize on owning the majority market share and building immortal mutual relationships with our customers through service efficiency and excellent customer relation management.

3. Capitalize on customer acquisitions and retention to maintain  a positive cashflow.

4. Build resistant edge competitiveness of our businesses and Assets towards our competitors so that we remain in the forefront of the market.

5. Capitalize on Technology, Innovation, Tangible Assets and our Employees to remain efficient and capable.

Tall Buildings

2nd Floor, Mayfair on the lake, 5 Park Ln, Umhlanga Ridge

Email Us: info@chitsinhoholdings.co.za

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